Confused Confucius writings #1 — the saying deluge

P3267747Greetings fellow travellers, the confused one here.

Sayings are what you expect in this digital space. Horribly confused and frequently unfathomable words of doubtful wisdom all wrapped up in a grey scale blanket.

So what’s with words and paragraphs? Heaven forbid, a standard post.

Well, many days of sweeping endless leaves from the path have passed since my jumbled sayings first materialised on the interweb and I have to admit it has been a journey, a path along the path if you will.

Not all seekers must hug technology so tightly but truth is found everywhere, even on a Kindle. It is one of life’s little surprises — almost as unexpected as the proliferation of sayings.

Who would have thought that the humble saying would be embraced, read and re-tweeted onto threads in all the nether regions of the digital universe. Any self-respecting Facebook feed would feel naked without one arriving as regularly as a clean shirt.

There are more sayings out there than people and there are an awful lot of people these days.

If the rise of the saying were all there was, then retirement for the Confused One would beckon and all thoughts of red sports cars could be replaced with a Google search on ‘Zimmer frame’.

But there is more in this deluge of sayings.

Most are so confident. They are sayings that strut themselves without a care. Not the least hint of confusion or doubt.

More than once this has seen more sweeping time to contemplate some more. How is it possible that a simple collection of words posted by Emily from Chipping Norton can smell so truthful?

It is a surprise and a worry.

It cannot be that letters placed in the right order and rendered on a screen register as words that always inspire. This is against the natural order of things. The journey cannot be so smooth, there has to be bumps and baggage lost in transit somewhere.

No, I refuse to believe that sayings have reached such a zenith. It is impossible. Sayings express uncertainty with meanings that are hard to fathom and may not even exist.

This is the honest truth told to me by the broom that has swept for generations.

And it means that Confused Confucius must continue to confuse with sayings as deep as a cute cat video. To balance the deluge of positivity there must be a counterpoint where words are more randomly aligned and form only appears after a terrible emotional fight.

So please read, share and comment on Confused Confucius sayings, questions and quotes as they pop onto your device.

Let your friends know about Confused Confucius.

It is the only way to balance all that right stuff.

Travel well,

The Confused One


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