Tax — Confused Confucius answers his own question #20

CCQ#20It is easy for a saying to masquerade as a question. Answers are much harder to extract from the ether… but it must be done.

Question #20 It is a rule everywhere that the more tax you pay the more money you earn, so why are we obsessed with paying less tax?


This one is a true puzzle even for a sweeper of the leaves.

Ask anyone, even those en route to the mountaintop, if they would like to double their salary for nothing more than joining a higher tax bracket and they would all say yes.

A few would say you were kidding. One or two would just tell you to dream on and there will be one who just smirks at you.

But they would all accept the upgrade if it were true. The extra tax is easily compensated by the greater net income.

And there is all the stuff you get from tax: education, medicine, roads, law enforcement, politicians… It is a lengthy list that even the most recalcitrant must agree is worth something.

Now suppose we ask the same folk on their way up the mountain if they would accept half their usual pay for what they do knowing that they would move to a lower pay bracket and so pay less tax.

Now you are kidding.

Travel well,

The confused one



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