Saying #1081


In the now — Confused Confucius answers his own question #28

It is easy for a saying to masquerade as a question. Answers are hard to extract from the ether… but it must be done for the sake of the now.


Be in the now and all will be well. There is no need to fear the future or regret the past for they are not here. They only exist in our mind and so do not exist at all anywhere but in imagination. Ignore the future, forget the past and be here now.


The human brain is a supercomputer of unrelenting power and capacity without an off switch. It will think for its owner whether they want it to or not, thank goodness. Thoughtlessness would see us in the now under a bus.

No we have to think humongous, all the time and with bells on. And if we had to think about what to think our heads would explode from frustration waiting for a topic.

Fortunately there is a simple solution.

We set our brains on autopilot. In this mode we think about the past, catalogue all the events and regurgitate them as worry for the future. This perfectly engages the brain in a gargantuan task that consumes almost all of its staggering capacity.

And in the now, with the brain engaged in regret and worry, we are free to play Candy Crush.

Travel well

Confused Confucius